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Two simple statements sum up Primitive Baptist beliefs.  1) Primitive Baptists believe in sin.  2) Primitive Baptists believe in grace.  Some might counter, “All Bible believing Christians believe in sin and grace.”  Yet Primitive Baptists believe in sin and grace, the way the Bible describes sin and grace.  The Bible does not teach a not-so-bad, ‘white-washed’ version of sin, which just needs a little help, so the sinner can be saved.  Nor does it teach a not-so-good, ‘off-white’ version of grace, which needs just a little help, so the sinner can be saved.

God’s description of sin is such that:  There is so much bad in the best of men, that salvation by grace is the only possibility.  God’s description of grace is such that:  There is not so much bad in the worst of men, that salvation by grace is an impossibility.  According to God’s word, salvation by grace, and grace alone, is essential for the best of men, and sufficient for the worst of men.  Salvation, which is solely by grace, and wholly by grace, is the only salvation that intermeshes with Bible truth.




Elder Winfrey has written a book that answers many questions concerning Primitive Baptist beliefs and practices.

Have you ever wanted just to sit down with a wise pastor in a non-threatening environment and ask questions about the Bible?  WHAT SHALL WE SAY THEN? reads like a comfortable, afternoon chat with an accessible and experienced minister who is ready and willing to answer your questions about what Primitive Baptists believe and why they believe it.

Anyone who knows Jeff Winfrey knows his passion for communicating Biblical truth in popular terms.  Jeff has a unique gift for expressing complex theological subjects in language that people can understand.   This populist approach makes WHAT SHALL WE SAY THEN? especially suitable for young people and people who seek to understand Primitive Baptist convictions, as well as inquirers of every age that seek to know and understand the reasons for our faith.

Winfrey successfully navigates through numerous key questions concerning the beliefs and practices of Primitive Baptists with minimal distractions in terms  of technical jargon.  subjects addressed include:

  • Primitive Baptist Doctrine
  • The Existence of God
  • The Deity of Chirst
  • How People are Born Again
  • The Meaning of John 3:16
  • The Purpose of the Gospel
  •  The Place of Good Works
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • …and many more.

WHAT SHALL WE SAY THEN? is a volume you will enjoy for your own spiritual benefit and be happy to share with others who may be “asking the way to Zion”.



May be purchased from the publisher
Sovereign Grace Publications
It is also available at:





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  1. I was born and raised primitive baptist….i live in KY and looking for a church. Can you call me and give me more info? 931-627-3973.

    1. Hello Kristy,

      I am encouraged by your correspondence and will be glad to try to help you find a church. I do hope that you might be close enough to begin attending at our church, but if not maybe we can find one close to you.

      It is after 10:00, and I fear that it is too late to call you tonight. I am leaving before daylight tomorrow morning (Saturday) to go to a funeral, but I will try to call you sometime tomorrow.

      Grace and peace,

      Jeff Winfrey

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