From the Beliefs link above you may access the

Dawson Springs Primitive Baptist Church

Articles of Faith.  

Also available are two brief proclamations of our beliefs: 

1)  We Believe in the Holy Bible

2) We Believe in the Mighty God


Finally, you will find an outline entitled:

We Believe in Sin and We Believe in Grace. 

The understanding of the Bible’s basic teaching concerning sin and grace is the key to understanding the entire Bible.  It is impossible to fully appreciate grace as the solution for the sin problem, without first understanding the extent of the sin problem. 

So first of all, this outline can be used as a study guide to show the inability and unwillingness of the sinner to help in any way in his own salvation.   Secondly, this outline can be used as a study guide to show how God saves the sinner totally by His sovereign grace without the help of the sinner in any way.

By prayerfully studying the step by step sequence laid out in this outline, the reader can come to see two important Bible truths:   

     1)  The absolutely hopeless case of the sinner left to his own will and power.

      2)  The completely successful plan that God uses to save His people from their sins.

May God bless these writings to magnify God and edify His children.


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