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Our method of worship is very simple and unadorned.  It is not fancy or decorated with the frills of this world.  Our desire is to center our attention on God and His Bible taught ways and not on man and his ideas.  We strive to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone.  Thus, you will not find many accessories to our worship.  Our worship simply consists of singing, prayer and preaching.  Families worship together as described in scripture.

Our goal is to have a church based only on the Bible and to worship God in the same uncomplicated fashion as is described in scripture.  The word “primitive” adequately describes our desire to pattern our style of worship service after the first churches.  According to the dictionary “primitive” has the meaning:  1) of early times; of long ago.  2) very simple such as people had early in human history.  3) original; primary.  If you are searching for the Bible paths, the old ways, we invite you to come worship with us.

Our worship services are unadorned and simple.  Families worship together with no segregation into groups or classes.  Singing is a capella and congregational.  We read from God’s inspired scriptures, the Holy Bible.  We pray.  We preach from God’s word.

We consider Christ Jesus to be the head of our church.  We attempt to humbly worship Him and give Him all the praise.  None of us are above another.  We freely admit we are not perfect, but we worship one who is.

Perhaps your chaotic and fast paced life could use a reversal to the “early, original times of long ago.”  Perhaps you could feel closer to your Lord if worship was simpler.   Perhaps you would like things to be Christ-focused, instead of man-focused.  Perhaps a church was meant to be about Him and not about people and their egos.  We honestly try to magnify and praise Him and Him alone.

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  1. I was raised Primitive Baptist and used to attend Bethel Primitive Baptist in Nashville, TN where Elder Ronald Lawrence was the preacher. I since moved too far and was out of church for a while. I have remarried and live in Central City, KY and have found several Primitive Baptist Churches and very happy to see because you do not find this type of church just anywhere. I am very interested in attending. Could you give me a call at 931-627-3973? I think you called me before but I am sorry to say, I seemed to lost the message and your number. I will look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hello Kristy,

      Thanks so much for contacting us. It was very encouraging to receive your e-mail and even more encouraging to talk with you. We look forward to having you come and worship with us. We have been praying that God would send people to our church, and I’m so excited at the thought of your coming. God bless you. Thanks again for the encouragment.

      Grace and peace,

      Jeff Winfrey

  2. I grew up attending my mother’s church primarily; however, I have been blessed to have been able to visit Dawson Spring’s Primitive Baptist Church often as my father has been a member my whole life. Now I live far away and have visited many other churches which I bear witness that nearly all of which could benefit to simplify their services. At this church, even as a young boy before I knew I was a sinner, I learned of humility and a way it can be manifested through a worship service. I also developed my first love of music here before I even realized God had given me that love. Though I have never been a member due to growing up primarily in my mother’s church and moving away after college, it will always be a kind of home church to me. Please visit if you have no church and put away the distractions of the world. “Be still and know that [God is] God.” Psalm 46:10

    1. Hello Tim,

      Thanks so much for such encouraging comments regarding our simple manner of worship. Thanks even more for your testimonies as to how you were positively influenced by these things even in your childhood years and for your confirmation of the “rightness” of a simple manner of worship through your experiences as an adult. Thanks most of all for your words concerning the Dawson Springs Primitive Baptist Church: “it will always be a kind of home church to me.”

      Families worshipping together in a simple service composed only of a cappella congregational singing, prayer and preaching seems rather archaic in this age of stage performances and high powered electronic entertainment. Yet it seems that a worship service should focus on God and His grace, as opposed to man and his talents. Surely the New Testament worship service was centered on preaching that proclaimed the simplicity of the gospel of salvation only by the grace of God. So both the simplicity of the manner of worship and the simplicity of the message give all the glory to God.

      Thanks again for your kind words.

      Grace and peace,

      Jeff Winfrey

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